Just some thoughts about my hobby – Quilting


First of all, oops, I did not get that photo in the end of last post.  Will take the photo today.

But second, I intend this to be a fresh place about quilting, my own journal thoughts but I hope others will share about what quilting means to them. If you click follow or join, you can share your thoughts as we move along in this new blog about quilting.


This is the second quilt I made.  I still LOVE this pattern and use it often.

Quilting has become my active meditation.  It is a wonderful way to spend time  – except when I have to rip something out and I’m even getting more patient with that! It calms me when something is moderately upsetting, it rewards me when I need something to absorb my lively mind, it pleases me to see a good outcome – things like that.  What about for you?

Right now, I am making a couple of wall hangings.  The walls of our apartment are secure and relatively quiet from neighbor noise but I believe some quilts on selected walls will muffle sound we make as we live our daily lives.

What draws you to quilting? What goals do you have with your quilting hobby?


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  1. I am a fabric hoarder for sure, I love to sew and make gowns for childrens hospital and donate them to the cancer children. I have made to date 480 gowns, I am bring 50 to the Childrens Hospital in New Orleans tomorrow. We are looking to retiring to Ecuador, so scared that I would be able to find fabric and my hubby said I can buya new machine there for cheaper. I said i don’t know about all that. What about the altitude there, I live 48 miles from New Orleans, La. and I’m below sea level. Been to colorador and was ok at 7,000 ft but at 9,000 I was sick. My lungs filled with fluid.. We will need an apartment but don’t know where to start and who to contact. 3 bedroom would be great them I to can still have a sewing room. My hubby is 69 and I am 59 so he benifits from senior stuff. maybe you could point us in the right direction. to someone that could help us. Did you have to get shots and stuff also. Thanks

  2. Replied privately but basically no shots required.
    Very cool place to live if one is dedicated to learning a new culture, accepting differences, learning to speak Espanol(Spanish) and can tolerate living without some of the conveniences we enjoy in the US, like …there are no 100% cotton beautiful quilting fabrics and no Starbucks or whatever coffee drinks.but there is great coffee grown in Ecuador.

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