Quilt thoughts on a sunny Monday in Cuenca


Hello new week!  I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday making a couple of quilt blocks for a “block of the month” class online that is free.  craftsy.com    Each month, we get directions for 2 new quilt blocks.  I like most of them. If I don’t like the block, I make another block extra to replace it.  My quilt will look less scrappy with less variety but I think I’ll like that.

Being retired is great – I can quilt for several hours today if I just get myself going.  Once I’m in my office, I love working there.  I feel privileged to have this time to quilt and pursue a hobby I really enjoy.

There are other quilters in Cuenca, some expats have noted they quilt, but so far there is no gathering of quilters that I know of.  It would be nice to have a once a month meeting just informal chat to share ideas and resources related to quilting in Cuenca, Ecuador.  The fabric is different, batting is difficult to find, I don’t know where to look for rick rack or bias tape.  Thread is purchased in a tienda (shop) different from where tela (fabric) is sold.  All new in this culture new to me.

When I was just 19 years old, a sophomore in college, I had a professor who said that people my age would need to have serious hobbies to stay healthy and busy in their retirement years. Because we will have many more years of retirement to fill, if we stay healthy, as we live longer than our parents generation.  Boy, he was so right.  So, look for different hobbies to try out, see what you love, have a variety so you get out with people and have some alone time too.

Let me know what hobbies you enjoy. Reading, garage sales,pick up basketball games in your neighborhood, sewing, swimming, tennis, walking your dog, photography, wood working, showing your cat, you name it!

Do you have any ideas for a hobby possibility you want to check out, see if you have any interest, something completely different?  Tell me about it – I’m interested!


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  1. Hola, my nombre es FAbiola, from Cuenca Ecuador. I am a new quilting member in a group of North American quilters, Sharon Mcintosh is one of my teachers, I got all the stuff for doing it, but I go slowly learning. Any way I like it, it is enjoyable and not easy. Este es my hobby and tejido a crochet también. In Cuenca you have somethings to do as a hoppy: Taking a ride by rivers around down and up town, Bike rinding by the rutas called cycle vias. If you are interested, write Sharon M. she knows some places where to get fabrics, needles, and all the stuf needed.

    • Muchas gracias, Fabiola. Going slowly is normal for many new quilters. It takes patience and persistence. But you are about to see wonderful rewards for your hard work.
      Finding fabric and tools is a challenge in this city. As you know, EcuQuilt, owner Julia Larina, is now importing 100% cotton quilting fabrics and selling fabric below U.S.prices. Readers may find her on FaceBook. She is moving her fabric and long arm machine to a new studio. I will post more soon.
      Using spanishdict.com:
      Va lentamente es normal muchos quilters nuevo. Se requiere paciencia y persistencia. Pero vas a ver maravillosas recompensas por tu trabajo duro. Herramientas y
      encontrar tela es un desafío en esta ciudad. Como ustedes saben, EcuQuilt, propietario Julia Larina, ahora está importando algodón 100% acolchado a telas y venta de tela por debajo de U.S.prices. Los lectores pueden encontrar en FaceBook. Ella está moviendo su tela y la máquina de brazo largo a un nuevo estudio. Voy a publicar más pronto.

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