Another week of sewing


This third week of April seemed busy with lots of things outside my sewing studio. It seems funny that I kind of feel like I have to fight to protect my quilting time.  Many retirees say they are busier than ever and cannot imagine how they ever had time to have a job.

Anyway, here are some projects in the works at QuiltGuilt headquarters:

I made two new blocks for the mystery BOM.  One was as they showed it. It is English paper piecing and the task was to make hexagons on the block.  A look:


The second block just did not move me at all so I designed one I like better, still using a large hexagon to be a big sun. I’m proud that I just did it!  A new design for the whole block.

I am about to begin quilting my king bedspread quilt.  The quilt top has been done for over 2 years.  It started out as barely queen size but I liked the cheerful design so much that I added borders to make it large enough for our king bed.  Here it is before I added 2 more borders, ready for layering and quilting:

The king size quilt top

I also have taken my first ever art class and love working with acrylic paint.  The art class had a little gallery showing this seek My primitive first attempts to record some of life in Ecuador:

You can probably guess that I love color.

Have a terrific week. Do something fun for your self this week.



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  1. Gracias, Sartenada, for your interest. Yes, that is my favorite quilt pattern. It is called “around the block” because it is just tons of narrow strips of fabric sewn around a 4″ center block. Cheers!

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