Moving thoughts and the grounded quilter


A quilt for my almost-4 year old grandson  “Blake’s Dino Quilt”

I am moving soon to a little larger place to live. I hope to have room for a cutting table I can leave up in my studio. I am not looking forward to another move – as usual, I hope to live in this spot for years to come. I am very emotionada or excited for the space to be ready and for us to get settled.

I have been thinking today about how grounding quilting can be. For me, if I’m a bit down, working on a quilt – any quilt – seems to bring me out of it. If I’m frustrated about something or a bit anxious, cutting fabric is the answer. The actual sewing is mostly a good shot for my ego because it still amazes me how having the right tools and time allow me to become a very good quilter.

I brought boxes up from storage today to begin packing the things we are not using so that we can move easily in about 4-6 weeks. Mostly I have kitchen stuff and sewing related things: tools, machine, ironing board, lots of material, several quilts in progress, etc.

So I think quilting through most of this moving project will help me stay grounded.

This shows a little closer the dino details

There are skate boarding dinos on the back of the quilt

I am nearly finished quilting my grandson’s quilt. In 3 days, my daughter and son-in-law will find out if they are having a boy or a girl. Healthy baby is what we all want but it will be cool to know. This is a very difficult time for my daughter – to have mom so far away.. Its hard on mom too! 4800 miles. Portland, OR to Ecuador is a lonnnggg way.

Once again, I will keep quilting for several reasons: gotta have a nice baby quilt for the new grandchild, and it grounds me when there is nothing I can do about being so far away.

My husband and I will go to the US close to the birth of the baby and stay for several weeks. This will be a joyful trip. I’ll get to see my parents and brothers, et al, in Idaho as well as many friends and family in Portland.

Tomorrow I hope to complete the dino quilt and sew a blanket for the new grandchild. I will probably cut some fabric out this week end. I got some luscious black fabric with LARGE pink roses to make a lap quilt for me. It will have 12″ blocks and two borders: 1 of pink batik and 1 a gold/brown matching the color of the stamen on each rose.

Have a fantastic week end. Find some corner in your life where you can feel peace and joy in a busy troubled world. Treasure the moments life hands you.


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  1. Hi there! My family and I are considering moving to Ecuador- I am a quilter too so am really interested to know what kinds of fabric is available for quilting in Ecuador, and how much it costs relative to the U.S.- like the designer brands here cost between $9-12 a yard. Also I am interested in knowing if and what the ecuadorian made fabrics are like- if they make good fabrics for use in Quilting (cotton). Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks for your comments and questions. Here is what I know so far: good to bring all of your tools, cutting mats, etc. Bring fabric for several quilts, thread, etc. The quality of thread I have bought here is not as good as Aurofil or Gutterman.

    I do not believe they make cotton in Ecuador. It appears all the fabric is imported from China so the quality is different. The main thing is that they simply do not have the choice in gorgeous fabrics, like they do in the US. I tried some twill for an apron and it worked ok but I prefer quilt grade cotton.

    The biggest challenge I’ve run into is that there is no packaged batting nor is there batting by the yard that I’ve found. I went to 5 tela shops (fabric=tela in Espanol). I have not checked every store but my Espanol teacher said these were the 5 shops she believed would have what I’m looking for.

    It is possible you will arrive and find things I have not. For now, I am importing my own fabric. I shop on and then have the fabric shipped through a mail service called Correos – this costs $16/year. The price has just doubled to be $10.65 for the first pound, $7.65 for the second pound, up to 8.5 pounds – the max wt of anything being shipped through this service. It takes a couple of weeks once the package gets to a clearing house in Florida. It is checked to be sure it is legal and shipped on. There is no mail service here per se. That has been one of the hardest adjustments for me. We in the US just take the mail service for granted as one of our rights but it is almost non-exsistent here.

    Sp bring everything you like for quilting if you bring a container. If you return to the US, you can bring some things back in a suitcase but the prices for the second bag have escalated to $200 as well. It is a tough thing. I hope this is helpful.

    I love living in Cuenca every single day. Sometimes I am terribly homesick for family and friends, old haunts. But our life here is so much easier than it was working full time in mind-numbing jobs. So there is the positive and the challenging as with all things in life.

    Gracias for your thoughts.

  3. thanks so much for the stories of your life in Ecuador, as we are considering the coastal area near San Clemente. I love to sew and cook from scratch. Try not consuming all the additives in the boxed or can foods we have in USA. We love the slow pase life and or ready for a big change. wondering more about how to get thing ship there and how do you get anything shipped to you. Do you have to pick it up somewhere when it comes to you there or do they have somekind of delivery system.

  4. Hi I love your blog! My husband and I are from Portland, OR and I love sewing! (i just started sewing not too long ago). My husband and I are planing to move to Ecuador, and I am really excited to know there are other sewing Ladies out there! May be we can start a sewing circle!

    • Thanks, Yuritzi. There are quite a few people who sew clothing or quilt or weave here. No long arm quilters, alas! No 100% cotton made in EC so you have to bring it in or adapt to using cotton with polyester or…whatever works. It is not too terribly prohibitive to have things shipped in via Club Correos if you get free shipping to Florida such as using amazon or, for example. Have you looked at site yet. There are some free online classes in a variety of subjects related to sewing and crafts. And a lot of classes at reasonable prices. Check it out! Being retired means you can sew all day if you want to.

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