Stop quilting and pack up!


As I’ve mentioned before, we are moving to a house in another part of Cuenca in about 10 days.  I am wildly trying to complete some “almost finished” quilt tops before I have to pack up my machine, fabric and tools to move.  But every day I think “stop quilting and pack up, girl!”

But here are some nearly completed quilts:


We do not have that much stuff but enough that I need to get crackin’ on the tasks.  My husband is not good at packing – really good at a lot of things but not this so I coordinate with the mover and do all the packing.  We brought a little of our own stuff and have bought major furniture over the last few weeks.  The way we were able to do that is we met a wonderful couple who was leaving Portland, OR for Cuenca a couple of months ahead of us.

They offered to rent us a little space on their container so we shipped our tempurpedic bed, boxes of fabric, my sewing table and tools, a few beloved paintings and a recliner we both love.  The container came from Portland to Cuenca in about 18 days!  Much faster than expected.  They held our things until we got here.  So now 14 months later, we are moving those things.  I’m very excited about the new rental home.  Great neighborhood, closer to shopping, near a couple of friends I’ve made.  So it will all be good once it is done.

Here is what I worked on this week: a purple and pastels quilt for a little girl.  It turns out my daughter is expecting a baby BOY in a just over 3 months so…I will make a new little boy quilt and sell this one.  It will be the first quilt I’ve made to sell.  I had all the fabric and love it.  It has been fun to make and I know someone will really love it.  Here are some photos.  It needs one more border to complete the top.  Then layer and quilt it.

OK, now I really am going to pack another few boxes RIGHT NOW!

Hope you are having a fantastic week surrounded by things you cherish and friends & family who love you.

Buen dia!



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  1. Wow, Sharon! You are a busy little quilter! I love the one you did for your grandson. Your choice of colors is wonderful. You have a good eye, m’dear.
    Good luck with the move.

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