Cuenca Gluten-free Users’ Group/Support Group to begin Aug 21


The first meeting of theCuenca Gluten-free Users Group is next week, Tues 8/21 from 10:30 am to 12 noon. If you are gluten intolerant (cannot eat wheat/barley/rye) you  may find it challenging to live in Cuenca.  Others have information to share, questions, ways to garner support in a city where few are diagnosed as having celiac disease or being intolerant of wheat.

Future meetings will have guest speakers, a focus group for a merchant who is considering opening a store with gf products, other things related to living safe from gluten in a country full of bread and pasta and soups loaded with wheat products.

Join this small group as it begins a journey together. There will be a drawing for a Gluten Free cookbook at the first meeting.


The address:  Los Alamos 3-66 y Av Tres de noviembre.

On Tres de nov. there is an underpass (going under Av de las Americas).  As you come out of the underpass, take an IMMEDIATE right on Urupan, a short street with a right angle – so turn R on Urupan, R at the right angle and R onto Los Alamos.

3-66 is on the R , the 2nd house from the corner of Urupan y Los Alamos.  White house with black gate, clearly marked.

There is free parking on the right side of the street on Los Alamos.

Please email me with your phone number if you need directions by bus.

 Joe’s Secret Garden Restaurant is on Los Pinos, kind of straight through our block, if that helps.



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  2. Hello,
    I am so happy to find a quilter in Cuenca! I live in Minnesota, but our plan is to move to Cuenca in two years. I was concerned about feeding my fabric habit, but you have eased my mind. My hubby and I will be visiting in late November and maybe I could meet you? The best – Lee Ann Schutz Wahi

    • Hey Lee Ann – I would love to meet you when you are here. Drop me an email and just remind me and we can talk about quilting. I have paid a lot through correos to get fabric online delivered. But if I buy fabric on sale and find free shipping, it is do-able. In 2013, I plan to explore tela mercados or fabric shops here in Cuenca more than I have. I’ll see what quality I can find if I dig deeper. There are many wonderful fabrics here but they are not like US quilt shops carry and do not seem to have the prints or batiks I love. Happy planning for your trip here soon, just when Minnesota is gearing up for serious winter, right?

  3. Hello, I am in the research process to explore Ecuador. I am considering locating there. What a relief to find there are fellow gluten intolerant folks gathering. Please keep me posted on the support group.

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