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A marvelous spirited cat, Feisty shared her life with us for exactly 17 years. I will miss her companionship terribly.

A short post to thank everyone who has been rooting for Feisty the cat to regain her health.  Unfortunately, it turned out she had too much kidney damage to recover.  She died peacefully this morning after a night of cuddling against me, as she loved to do.  I will miss her terribly. She faced life with a whole-hearted, mischievous, curious personality.  She had an ability to be entertaining, spirited and sweet all in the same day.  She was a marvelous companion for 17 years, meeting every challenge thrown her way.  She was a huge comfort to me when we first launched our adventure in Ecuador – she was the stable, loving cat she had always been. She had a good life and shared it with her family unselfishly.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words,



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  1. So sorry to hear your news. I am a new reader, and love cats & quilting. Feisty sounds like she was an exceptional cat/companion.

  2. So sorry for your loss, Sharon. Having gone through similar with our dear pets, we can truly feel for you both. Feisty sounds much like our Saski. My comfort is always knowing that our much loved pets had a very good life with us. I have made tribute quilts to my pets over the years in their memory. Hugs to both of you and run free now, Feisty.

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    • I appreciate your condolences and comments, Mary. Both my family & friends in the US and the ex-pat community friends here in Cuenca have been very comforting. I am a very fortunate woman to have so many people who show such commpassion. Thank you. Sharon

    • Thank you Gloria. A person who has loved and lost an animal really understands. everyone has been very supportive. I”m doing ok. Just sad. She was after all a very lovely companion with a little mischievous bent. Sharon

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