Cuenca in October


Cuenca is a beautiful city any day of the year but today seemed especially gorgeous.  The sun was intense, the sky incredibly blue,  huge fluffy clouds kept the afternoon from being too warm.  It was a perfect day to water plants, shop in El Centro or do just about anything I could think of.  Me gusta Cuenca!

I have not posted for awhile.  Injured my knee, I was commissioned to make some baby/toddler quilts, some other stuff –  so I”ve been burning the midnight oil in my study getting some quilts completed.  Wow, that has been a fun job!  I met a wonderful Cuencana who is a quilter so we have enjoyed talking about patterns, exchanged some books and are browsing at fabric stores.  We have found to date lots of cotton mixed with polyester, beautiful fabric.  So what happens if one uses fabric in a quilt that has some polyester in it?  Does anyone know?

The fabric is in the $6 per meter range which is a little over a yard and the fabric is very wide, 54 ” or more, but it is kind of thin.  Yet there are some beautiful bolts, lots of cute children’s drapery and bedspread fabrics. The clerk at the store today said that much of the fabric is made in Pakistan.

Last week Ana Maria and I visited another fabric store where they had thousands of bolts of fabric, none of it 100% cotton  –  but all of it is made in Ecuador.  Beautiful fabrics for formal dresses, many choices for  pajamas, t-shirts, work clothes, etc.  It is really fun exploring like this with a new friend.  The way she found me is through reading this blog – and I am very grateful! She is very kind with an upbeat personality so a fun development in Cuenca for me.

Here is the completed quilt for Logan who is expected to arrive on election day, 11/07/12.

El Centro was buzzing with activity today at 3 – 5 pm as we walked from store to store.  We passed a family furniture business where workers were busy putting together rustic outdoor furniture.  We were stopped by an Ecuadorian gentleman who said he and his son are opening a new restaurant next week where they will serve Mexican and Italian food.  His English was superb – he spent his entire adult career in Naples, Florida and recently returned to Cuenca.  Music was blasting from one store.  Things were hoppin’.
This brings me to something I want to mention about Cuenca.  Everywhere you go, you see people you have met  before.  The market, the central square – Parque Calderon, waiting for a bus, at the swimming pool.  Cuenca lives like a much smaller city.  The suburb Len and I lived in before relocating to Ecuador had a popular YMCA.  It was on the edge of my neighborhood, less than a mile from my home. I swam there over a 6 year period.  I can count on one hand the number of times I saw someone I knew.  What a difference.  As I have said many times, most Cuencanos are friendly,calm, trusting and kind.  It creates a wonderful city vibe.

Tomorrow, an exciting event – the Windhorse Cafe is serving a lunch that is all gluten free. This is a terrific development for those of us who do not eat wheat/rye/barley.  My husband, Lenny, and I are going to lunch to support and enjoy this development.  Thank you Lucy and Criag!!  Windhorse @ Calle Larga and Hermano Miguel.

This week end, I plan to start on another baby quilt for a new child born a couple of weeks ago.  I am hoping to complete it before I go to the United States for a visit with my children, grandchildren, friends and extended family. When I sew each morning, a beautiful male hummingbird buzzes up to the window after working all the flowers on the tiny balcony.  He has established rights to our little garden and seems to be preparing for a mate.  He chases any other birds out of the one big tree and keeps a watchful vigil over the area throughout the day.  He is larger than the hummingbirds we saw in the US.  His coloring is plain greyish green at one angle but flashes iridescent as he moves.  He has deep purple feathers running down his chest – almost like a tie.  A local woman told me that this type of hummingbird is endangered.  I hope he convinces a female to join him.  My studio looks out on this lively unfolding of nature.  Lots to do and such a joyful place to be working on beautiful fabrics.

Hope you are enjoying a terrific week.



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    • Thanks to Mary at South of Zero who does such a marvelous job summarizing blogs about Cuenca every day. Keep her blog in your sights because it is very helpful. Mary, when are you moving? Warmest, Sharon

  2. Hello, I enjoy your posts. I, too, am a quilter. I will be coming to Cuenca over Thanksgiving. My husband and I are thinking about retiring there from Minnesota. We have been to Ecuador many times, as my foreign exchange student is from Cuenca. I would love to meet you. Are there any quilting supplies that you would like me to bring? I suppose that since you will be coming to the U.S. soon, you will pick up what you need there. Regards. Lee Ann Schutz Wahi (

  3. Sharon, I’m hoping you can direct me to a shop that carries fabric that would be good for a comforter, dust ruffle, shams, etc. Some kind of coordinating prints…possibly designer quality. I’m having a terrible time finding what I want 😦 Thanks so much for any help!

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