I wanted to note that the CuencaGlutenFree User’s Group is holding their November 14 meeting at the San Sebas Cafe where several gluten free choices are offered.  Noon to 2 pm.

This is a great development for those in Cuenca who do not eat wheat/barley or rye, whether for dietary needs or simply as a choice for health.  There are vegetarian choices as well.  The menu for Nov 14, lunch meeting is as below.  Please email   if you plan to attend – indicate your dining selection for the convenience of the restaurant.

Please turn out to support San Sebas’s Lindsay Barlow’s effort to meet the dining needs of Cuenca Gluten Free!



Soup of the day Cup 2.00 Bowl 3.50

Burgers Without Buns

1/2 pound   Special ground patty, served with fries, gluten free corn bread and house Salad

$ 4.75  Sebas Burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and basil mayo

$5.50  Burger with avocado, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onions and jalapenos

$5.50  BBQ Burger with smoked cheddar, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and BBQ Sauce

$5.50 Mushroom Herb Burger with sautéed mushrooms, herbed cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato



$4.50 Blue Cheese Salad with red onion, tomato, cucumber, and crispy bacon

Add chicken for 1.50

$4.50 Greek Salad with red onion, kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato and feta cheese

Add chicken for 1.50

$4.50 Chipotle Salad with avocado, corn, black beans, grilled peppers, queso fresco and cilantro îime vinaigrette.

Add chicken for 1.50

Past Weekly Specials

$4.75  VEGETARIAN BIM-IM-BOP: Brown rice bowl with sautéed carrots,
mushrooms, zucchini and beam sprouts. Topped off with a. fried egg and sauce

gluten free cornbread croutons topped with jalapeno and cilantro ranch dressing.

$4.75  MEXICAN QUÍNOA BOWL  Quinoa., black beams, queso fresco, tomato,
corn, avocado and creamy chipotle sauce

$5.50  LUAU SALAD  Lettuce, grilled chicken, bell peppers, green beans,
cucumber, red onion, mango, Carrots and macadamia nuts with sesame
balsamic vinaigrette gf dressing

Cuenca Gluten Free Group to meet at restaurant


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