Quilting without guilt in Cuenca


I have not been sleeping too well recently.  I feel well but I just have a ton of energy and wake up early. Usually around 6.  Today it was 4 am.  But I am NOT going to complain at all about having tons of energy.  It is a good problem to have. So I get up and go into my sewing studio, closing the door so that Len can sleep later.

I put some music on very soft and get all the lights turned on, turn on the iron and the sewing machine and I’m all set to enjoy myself.  Have I said before that I am really glad I paid to ship my sewing machine with me as extra baggage when we moved here?  Every time I turn on my Pfaff, I feel happy.  I waiting a LONG time for a good sewing machine so I really appreciate all that it does.  And how smoothly it runs.  And how easy it makes things like hemming slacks or piecing a quilt.

I have been making Ohio star blocks for a few things: a table runner for us, a wall hanging for our bedroom, a couple of gifts for friends.  Here are a couple of examples:




Here below is a “Tequila Sunrise” quilt I began 2 years ago.  Now I would select different colors but I guess I will finish it.  Jill M, you said you like it.  Come visit me and its yours!  It is wall hanging size.


Have a terrific new week.  Let me know what your projects are and what your hopes are for 2013.  Sharon



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