Catching up – hummingbird and gluten free crackers!


In my last post, there was a paragraph or two about a hummingbird I call Wings. But somehow it disappeared.  So Wings appears to be a Sparkling Violetear varaiety (or Orejivioleta Ventriazul in Espanol) – Colibri coruscans. He is longer and slimmer than the rufous-sided hummers we had in Portland.  He has a lovely deep violet strip down his chest, like a man’s tie.  In the sun, he is very luminescent but in the shade he looks rather plain.

“Wings” patrols my little garden which is about 30 x 18 and walled.  He thinks it is his space alone.  He goes after the finch couple who are nesting in the ivy.  He goes after a large bird that sounds like a robin.  When people come to our gate and we go to let them in, he scolds us.  Today, a man is painting a 3 story building across the street.  “Wings” scolds him when he moves on the scaffolding.  You know, the usual hummer behaviors.  But “Wings” does not have a girlfriend at this time.  It is the time of year when it seems to me he should be hooking up to warrant this bossy protective behavior.  A Cuencana friend told me this type of hummingbird is endangered because another type is taking over territory.

Why do I call him “Wings” you are asking.  Well, his wings appear to move much more rapidly than any other bird visiting the hummer feeder.  He also tucks his little feet completely into his belly feathers so they can barely be seen when he is flying. Other hummers of the same variety bob their tail as they feed and hang their feet down a bit.

My balcony off my sewing room has a large window overlooking the garden.  It is like a big tv screen to watch the wildlife, including the hummingbird wars that are going on about territory.  Also, downstairs in the living room, my favorite chair faces the window right by the feeder so I have a front row seat.

Below is a photo of “Wings”.

But first, Len and I went to a party yesterday put on by a couple who moved here from the west coast.  We saw lots of other people who moved here from the US and Canada.  I made some gluten free crackers from a recipe by Carole Fenster (1000 Gluten Free Recipes).  They were delicious but al ittle dry unless tucked into some dip, which was readily available.

I took the hostess an unfinished quilt block small wall hanging.  It is the blue and orange star in the photo below.  She really liked the colors.  I have to complete it and a couple of other gifts so…better get back to work.

Blue and Orange star

Blue and Orange star


Have a fantastic day on this beautiful planet.  Sharon



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  1. Nice post. And great hummingbird photo. So glad you and Lennie could make it to the party — and we LOVE the blue and orange star! We are going to have it framed for the dining room.

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