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Long break over


Hola readers.  I have had a nice break, including a beach vacation which was wonderful.  I have kept busy other weeks with many different things.  I have the joy of a 4 mo old orange tabby male kitten, Saffron, and a 10 wk old female orange tabbykitten, Curry, entertaining me every day.  They play together all day long.

Soon to be part of a small wall hanging.

Soon to be part of a small wall hanging.

Saffron had a frightening beginning before I adopted him – mother was killed, he was apparently starving for a short while and then was trapped and brought to ARCA where I adopted him.   Thank you ARCA! He was not really a feral cat but had missed out on training from mama about grooming and things like that.  Having a “sister” is helping both of them.


Curry had a little easier beginning, living with a family and her siblings.  She was weaned at 4 wks (yes, I know, that is too young!).  I heard today that sometimes kittens are brought in from Peru to be sold at the largest outdoor market in South America, Fierre Libre. She was a rescue of another sort, coming from a family where a little cash was very much in need.  I took each kitten straight to the vet for all the usual exam/shot/worming, etc.

Both cats are doing well.   Both will be neutered/spayed at the proper age.  Both are beautiful with dark orange stripes on their legs and a gentle buff orange color on their bodies.  Curry is a very petite cat and will probably always be so.  Saffron is a long, slim adolescent who reminds us of a linx .   Curry is a very confident assertive kitten who holds her own in wrestling battles with Saffron who is about twice her size.

Snapshot 3:15:13 10:23 PM

I am working with Saffron daily to help him trust and be confident.  To date, he is very loving with me but shy with anyone else.  When someone comes to the door, he races upstairs and hides under the bed.  Must have been a terrifying time after he lost his mother.  He comes racing back as soon as the coast is clear of newcomers or if I shake the treat jar.  It has the same cat food in it that he has in the dish but somehow it is very exciting to swipe a few pieces out with his paw.  He is very smart.

One reader asked me why it is not safe to let your cat outside here.  That is my opinion.  But there are lots of roaming dogs.  There is not a particularly friendly vibe for kitty cats on the street.  I suspect some would become food.  Sad thought.  So my thought is to keep cats inside or at least in a secure garden area where they cannot get out to be killed by traffic or whatever.  OK, enough about cats.

Lets talk about quilting and more about Cuenca!

Of course, I continue to quilt.  A hobby I love. I usually have 3 projects in the works and lotsI am making some Ohio star blocks now using Civil War reproduction prints.  This will make a very attractive back to a yellow quilt top I completed a while back.  This quilt is for a man who loves the history of that era so…I think it will be a hit.  His spouse is going to surprise him with this gift.  I get to be part of it all, which makes it more wonderful.  I hope to have the quilt completed in 10 days or less.

I have several different blocks to quilt and pass along, as promised earlier.  Then I get to start my next quilt, one that is just for me.  Bright colors, batik, floral, it should be wonderful.  I am eager to start.

On the edge of Cuenca, in a little area called Turi, there are wonderful volcanic pools.  I’ve been going with friends where there is an exercise class and one can swim a few laps and then soak – the water is REALLY caliente – hot – which feels terrific.  Entrance is inexpensive.

After we are through there, we go to an organic market and buy fresh vegetables. We have discovered fresh maize tortillas which are like delicious pancakes.  And a drink called morocho – a hot drink with choclo (large-kernel white corn) pulverized, milk, cinnamon, raisins, a little tapioca and vanilla.  A soothing and delicious treat in Ecuador.

Did you know, tomorrow is National Quilting Day in Estados Unidos.?  So… be sure to CELEBRATE National Quilting Day.