The title of this blog is guilT, as in feeling guilty

Layered and ready to quilt!

Layered and ready to quilt!

Hello quilters and those interested in quilters, fabric and creativity:

Hey, I want to correct a  misconception about my blog.  Apparently there is some confusion.  The name of my blog is Cuenca Quilt GuilT.  Not guilD.  I know nothing about a quilt guild… but I know a lot about guilT.  Specifically the guilt one feels after over-spending on fabric for a new project or the guilt one feels after seeking out  a fabric store to create a new project, even though one has many MANY quilt projects already needing attention.  Or, another example, the guilt one feels when one enjoys quilting more than 70% of the social obligations that pop up.

I have a few blocks completed but many still to do.

I have a few blocks completed but many still to do.

A new resident of Cuenca, Lorraine A., may want to start a guilD.  She has experience and interest in this type of thing. She worked in a fabric shop, she found a guilD to be a very helpful, supportive group. Lorraine recently gave away/sold tons of fabric in order to move to Cuenca with 7 suitcases.

Two 1 yr old rescue cats keep me company.

Two 1 yr old rescue cats keep me company.

This short post is simply to point out that this is a personal blog, not a quilt GuilD.  As far as I know, there is no guilD in Cuenca.  Also, interesting fact: there is not a single person with a long arm machine  in Cuenca to my knowledge – so if you are planning to move to Cuenca and you are an experienced long arm quilter with a machine you plan to bring, please hurry up!

People here either do their quilting by hand or on a regular sewing machine.  And a few ex-pats who say they quilt , seem not to be actively working on a quilt.  But, its all good.  The beauty of retirement is doing what you want.

So to those of you readers who are interested, a Cuenca Quilt GuilD may form in 2014 …but I will not be sponsoring it because that is not my thing.

Actually, quilting is what delights me.

Living in Cuenca delights me.

Skyping with my kids delights me, as well as talking with the grandchildren.

Skyping is, of course, not as much as seeing them in person but this “Retirement in Ecuador” life adventure makes that very complicated. More about visiting grandchildren another time.

Have a terrific week.  Enjoy quilting!


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    • Hahaha. I understand. But I live where there are almost “0” active quilters: Cuenca, Ecuador, South America. It is a city of nearly half a million people. Think about that: no 100% cotton for sale, no quilt classes, no patterns, no long-arm quilters, no magazines about quilting…it is quite a different scene from the US where I took classes and found support in the Friday night “all-sews”.

      And my use of the word “guilt” is rather tongue in cheek. A wry play on words to make a clever blog title that also reflects a little something of me.

      Honestly what helps assuage my feelings of “spending guilt” seems to be completing the quilts. Simple solution.
      But in no way am I putting down the value of a quilt guilD. I simply wanted to clarify the mistaken word, point out differences and fully reclaim my blog name.

      Everyone who sews knows the majority of us have lots more fabric than we actually will use up during our lifetime. Hence the bumper sticker “the one who dies with the most fabric wins!

      I would like to be the rare quilter who has plenty of fabric as long as I continue to sew but that I would sew up the last “quilt kit”, (gathering of a bag of fabrics that would make a fabulous quilt) on the day I hang up my sewing machine.

      Some people make quilts for donation to various wonderful causes. Some people simply donate the extra fabric every year or so to keep the home supply at a reasonable level.

      It is a luxurious hobby for many but one treasured not only by the quilter but by relatives, friends and others who benefit from small and large quilted gifts. I have found quilters, as a group, to be generally amazingly generous with their time, ideas and talents.

      It is a wonderful, multi-faceted hobby for some, while others make a living selling works of art. I have respect for every person who wrestles with the many issues, from conception to design, to working out complex sewing problems, to completion of each step along the road to producing a beautiful quilt, which includes installation where ever each quilt finds its home.

      I would love to hear from others specifics of how a guilD helps you in your life as a quilter.

  1. I know nothing about a quilt guild either, but I am an expert in the quilt guilt dept. I am currently hand quilting a quilt top that I started over 10 years ago. Next in line is hand quilting a quilt my Mom started over 40 years ago, that I recently volunteered to hand quilt for her. I remember hand stitching the octagon quilt squares with her when I was about 10 years old. I decided I need to help her finish this quilt since she does not hand quilt anymore.

    • LaLinda – what a great story and goal, to help your mom finish that quilt. I’m sure you will both be so full of joy and pride to have it completed. So, like people tell me, try to leave the guilt on a table outside and enjoy the process. Oh, that is so easy to say but I know it is so challenging to do. Best to you, Sharon

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