A New Dreaded Wrinkle



I signed up for my first quilting class in 2009, just after buying a Pfaff sewing machine.  I had not sewed for 30 years but I got the BUG!  I took every class I could from Victoria Jones in the Portland, Oregon area.  She is a great teacher – patient, resourceful and always kind.

When I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador 3 years ago, an important part of my retirement plan was that I would have time to quilt all I want.  I brought my relative new Pfaff sewing machine, all tuned up and ready to go.  Extra needles, extra cutting tools, lots of rotary blades, rulers – you know, TOOLS!  I was all set.  And for about 3 years, I have happily quilted, sewed, cut fabric and generally had a great time.  

So great, in fact, that in 2012, I sold 7 quilts to Cuencanas who were interested.  But then I had nothing to hang on my walls – and this house has LOTS of great walls for quilts.  So in 2013, I vowed to keep everything I make for awhile to get quilts warming not only the beds but bare walls too.  This month, I decided to have an open house for close friends to show my newly hung quilts.  But a wrinkle popped up in this plan in the past few days.  My sewing machine is not behaving correctly. I’ve talked with the tech in Portland, OR where I bought the machine. Yes, I love Magic Jack!  He helped me trouble-shoot but the outcome was that it needs a repair shop visit.  

He tried to locate a Pfaff “agent” in Ecuador but when I called the guy, he reported he had never seen a Pfaff in 15 years.  So I’m stranded.

Well, not quite.  A good friend offered to lend me her older machine.  All I need to complete the last 3 quilts I want to hang before the open house is a straight stitch so I may make it.  If not, I will have just a few new quilts to show but several nearly done laid out.  It will all turn out fine.  


And when I return to visit the US, I will take my Pfaff with me for its overhaul and bring it back happy to sew again.  In the mean time, a shout out to Teresa who loaned me her machine.  And another big one to Lenny, my loving esposo, who is amazingly supportive of my craft.

I’m here just livin’ the dream, high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.


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    • Yes, you are so correct. I just got the borrowed machine threaded and the stitches look marvelous – hooray! Life seems to keep tossing me lessons about patience. I keep trying to learn it – patience, I mean. Lifelong learning! Thanks for your empathy, I appreciate it. SM

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