Machine Quilting on an Unfamiliar Machine – My Heart is With My Pfaff!


I’m starting a new addition to this blog: a photo of the week on Fridays.


This Friday’s photo is from last evening.  I asked my husband to take a photo of me with the quilt rolled and wrapped over my shoulder to allow me to work directly on the actual machine quilting.  As you can see, I was working HARD on the machine quilting. Honestly, there are so many steps to create and complete a quilt!

This is a gift quilt about the size of a twin bed.  This purple and teal quilt is a” slightly late” birthday gift for my daughter Tenley. She is a wonderful 35 year old now with two darling little boys. a job, a home to care for  and a cool husband. Tenley is brave and strong and funny and loving.  She and her husband Todd work hard with their little family in a small community east of Portland, Oregon.


Recently my beloved Pfaff sewing machine developed a problem that is going to be repaired in about a month when I see my Pfaff technician.  In the meantime, a quilting friend loaned me her back-up machine.  A very kind thing to do.  Thank you Lorraine.

In the photo above, the comical owls you can see on the far left – well, that is really soft flannel backing which the grandchildren will love.  The front is more elegant and structured.  All of my love being poured into this quilt will be on Tenley’s lap through future winters, wrapped around her with the boys on her lap.  How better could a grandmother show that her love is constant from Ecuador, just as it was in Oregon?

 I am taking this quilt on an airplane when I go to visit in a few weeks.  





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