Saturday photos May 10th


I love this time of year.  It has been chilly with lots of rain each day all week.  But there are almost always sun breaks.  Similar to Apring in the Northwest.I took time today to enjoy the sunshine both outside and in the sun room.

photo (62)

I got a large stem of orchids on Wednesday at the organic market.  Today I rearranged them – kind of zen, isn’t it?

photo (63)

This tiny decorative bird house was made by an 8 yr old friend of mine, Lily.

I started some tomato plants some time ago.  It is time to transfer them to larger pots.  Tomorrow may be a good day for that. what I really need is some sun.  Hot sun to get those tomatoes really growing.  But several have blossoms so it is hopeful.  I move them into my sunroom if it gets too chilly at night.

Hope you are having a terrific Month of May!



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  1. Hi Sharon,

    We still are working at preparing for the move – we will be there for our exploratory visit in early
    September. I had a few questions for Lorraine and she has been very helpful! I recently have found out about and have been listening to the episodes (Ecuador at your Service) with great interest – a good variety of topics and some valuable information – just another resource.

    Our weather in Calgary is now more spring-like although it is a bit colder than usual for this time of year – the weather has become a bit topsy-turvy this past year.

    I think that I have (almost) decided to sell my Bernina and I will focus on photography when I get there – it seems that there are so many opportunities for photos and I do enjoy playing on the computer with the photos – cropping, changing to B&W, enlarging the photos, printing them, playing with the colors and temperatures of the photos, and more to get just the image that I am wanting.

    My husband, John, and I, simply can’t wait to get there so I am working to sell, sell, sell, get our papers (visas), etc. as fast as I can to make it happen!

    Sounds like all is well with you and I do hope your tomatoes will get the heat that they deserve!!


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