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One goal: live freshly and simply

One goal: live freshly and simply

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  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

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At the age of 64, my goal became more clearly: to prepare fresh, natural foods in my own home.  No packaged stuff.  Go to restaurants rarely. I feel better if I eat a little fish or chicken, lots of fresh vegetables, small amounts of a great variety of fruits. I make almost everything I eat myself, leaving out the things that cause inflammation and irritates arthritis/fibromyalgia, such as wheat sugar or caffeine.  ~~~Good goal.~~~  Sometimes hard to achieve.

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Things are not very difficult here: organic markets offer cheaper, fresher produce,

I am retired so I have time to prepare healthy food,

but of course planning, planning, planning is required all the time.

Another “fresh and simple lifestyle” goal is to interrupt the “consume-consume-consume” obsession that is a way of life in the US. People LOVE to buy cosas – things – whether they are really needed or not.  Ask yourself: do I really need this?  Wait 24-48 hours and see if you still need it so badly.

A women who writes on another blog  radicalfarmwives.com  shared this:

“People’s lives get woven together.  The influence of our parents, partners, children, and friends all get bound, tight or loose, smooth or bumpy, together into the fabric that becomes our life.”

I love those thoughts.  Life is fluid, changing, moving like a river.  You can stand on the side and passively watch the river flow …or you can jump into the swirling current and swim with the whole experience.  What’s it going to be?  What do you feel like doing today?  Keep things simple.  Pare down and trim to your most important, treasured activities.  Make strokes to simplify your life while treasuring each moment you can.  Each interaction.  Each glimpse of nature or art.  Experience your world!

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Dance by yourself in the moonlight!

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One of my treasured activities has become “an active meditation “for me: quilting.

The process of laying out a piece of fabric, smoothing out the folds, cutting off the edges, trimming to create, pinning to sew, seeing each small creation and happily anticipating what the whole will look like. Sure, some days the thread tension is off on my borrowed machine, there are times when a block I make looks crooked and I have to rip the seams out – I HATE that.  But ripping seams is part of the rhythm of live.  Breathe.  Resew straight seams and accept some crooked ones.  Move on in the process of  your life.  You get a chance to “do over” the things you don’t feel good about, if you have the courage to take it.



LIVE each day, even in quiet, simple ways. A deep breath exhaled slowly.  A moment to admire the texture of a flower.  The feel of warm water streaming over your hands.

Have a great new week!


Moving thoughts and the grounded quilter


A quilt for my almost-4 year old grandson  “Blake’s Dino Quilt”

I am moving soon to a little larger place to live. I hope to have room for a cutting table I can leave up in my studio. I am not looking forward to another move – as usual, I hope to live in this spot for years to come. I am very emotionada or excited for the space to be ready and for us to get settled.

I have been thinking today about how grounding quilting can be. For me, if I’m a bit down, working on a quilt – any quilt – seems to bring me out of it. If I’m frustrated about something or a bit anxious, cutting fabric is the answer. The actual sewing is mostly a good shot for my ego because it still amazes me how having the right tools and time allow me to become a very good quilter.

I brought boxes up from storage today to begin packing the things we are not using so that we can move easily in about 4-6 weeks. Mostly I have kitchen stuff and sewing related things: tools, machine, ironing board, lots of material, several quilts in progress, etc.

So I think quilting through most of this moving project will help me stay grounded.

This shows a little closer the dino details

There are skate boarding dinos on the back of the quilt

I am nearly finished quilting my grandson’s quilt. In 3 days, my daughter and son-in-law will find out if they are having a boy or a girl. Healthy baby is what we all want but it will be cool to know. This is a very difficult time for my daughter – to have mom so far away.. Its hard on mom too! 4800 miles. Portland, OR to Ecuador is a lonnnggg way.

Once again, I will keep quilting for several reasons: gotta have a nice baby quilt for the new grandchild, and it grounds me when there is nothing I can do about being so far away.

My husband and I will go to the US close to the birth of the baby and stay for several weeks. This will be a joyful trip. I’ll get to see my parents and brothers, et al, in Idaho as well as many friends and family in Portland.

Tomorrow I hope to complete the dino quilt and sew a blanket for the new grandchild. I will probably cut some fabric out this week end. I got some luscious black fabric with LARGE pink roses to make a lap quilt for me. It will have 12″ blocks and two borders: 1 of pink batik and 1 a gold/brown matching the color of the stamen on each rose.

Have a fantastic week end. Find some corner in your life where you can feel peace and joy in a busy troubled world. Treasure the moments life hands you.