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Moving thoughts and the grounded quilter


A quilt for my almost-4 year old grandson  “Blake’s Dino Quilt”

I am moving soon to a little larger place to live. I hope to have room for a cutting table I can leave up in my studio. I am not looking forward to another move – as usual, I hope to live in this spot for years to come. I am very emotionada or excited for the space to be ready and for us to get settled.

I have been thinking today about how grounding quilting can be. For me, if I’m a bit down, working on a quilt – any quilt – seems to bring me out of it. If I’m frustrated about something or a bit anxious, cutting fabric is the answer. The actual sewing is mostly a good shot for my ego because it still amazes me how having the right tools and time allow me to become a very good quilter.

I brought boxes up from storage today to begin packing the things we are not using so that we can move easily in about 4-6 weeks. Mostly I have kitchen stuff and sewing related things: tools, machine, ironing board, lots of material, several quilts in progress, etc.

So I think quilting through most of this moving project will help me stay grounded.

This shows a little closer the dino details

There are skate boarding dinos on the back of the quilt

I am nearly finished quilting my grandson’s quilt. In 3 days, my daughter and son-in-law will find out if they are having a boy or a girl. Healthy baby is what we all want but it will be cool to know. This is a very difficult time for my daughter – to have mom so far away.. Its hard on mom too! 4800 miles. Portland, OR to Ecuador is a lonnnggg way.

Once again, I will keep quilting for several reasons: gotta have a nice baby quilt for the new grandchild, and it grounds me when there is nothing I can do about being so far away.

My husband and I will go to the US close to the birth of the baby and stay for several weeks. This will be a joyful trip. I’ll get to see my parents and brothers, et al, in Idaho as well as many friends and family in Portland.

Tomorrow I hope to complete the dino quilt and sew a blanket for the new grandchild. I will probably cut some fabric out this week end. I got some luscious black fabric with LARGE pink roses to make a lap quilt for me. It will have 12″ blocks and two borders: 1 of pink batik and 1 a gold/brown matching the color of the stamen on each rose.

Have a fantastic week end. Find some corner in your life where you can feel peace and joy in a busy troubled world. Treasure the moments life hands you.